Oeuf Organic Everyday Pants

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  • A must have basic this fall, these super soft leggings are made from hypoallergenic and eco-friendly alpaca wool and feature thick ribbing, an elastic waist and long legs that can be rolled up for growing babes. Hand knit in Bolivia, by a self-managed cooperative of woman paid a living wage - in line with Oeuf's fair trade principles.

    Pairs well with: Wonderful Knit Sweater

    • Made from 100% baby alpaca.
    • Made in Bolivia with Fair Trade principles
    • Fits true to size.
  • Size Length  Weight
    3M (0-3M) 18 - 23" 8 - 12 lbs
    6M (3-6M)
    23 - 26"
    12 - 17 lbs
    12M (6-12M)
    26 - 29"
    17 - 22 lbs
    18M (12-18M)
    29 - 32"
    22 - 26 lbs

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