Kiboro Embroidered Kimono One-Piece - Free Spirit

by: Kiboro



  • Kimono bodysuit made from 97% recycled dark denim and embroidered with our exclusive Free Spirit design by Kiboro. Every piece in the collection is one-of-a-kind, hand-made and designed to last. Held together by two ties, one cross chest tie, and an inner chest tie to enable easy changing. Dress your kimono one-piece up with tights and long sleeves, or wear it as is for warmer days. Give old garments a second life while providing sustainable clothing for your baby earth warrior to rock. 

    Worn with: Knee Socks in Mustard by Gray Label 

    • Made from 97% recycled denim
    • Held together by 2 ties (one inner chest, one outer chest)
    • Due to the recycled nature of these one-pieces, the color will vary & no two onesies are exactly the same.
    • 3 snaps at diaper area
    • Design in NY Hand made Chile
    • True to size, but generous side for growing babies
  • True to size, but generous size for growing babies

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  • Kiboro

    Kiboro is a family business that creates environmentally conscious products for children 0 - 4 years old. They are challenging the industry to rethink sustainability in fashion. Through design and creativity Kiboro found a beauty in deconstructing existing resources. From those elements they construct a completely new piece that preserves quality, design and practicality. Using what we already have and giving it a second life is what moves the Kiboro spirit.

  • Kiboro products are made in a little surf town in the north of Chile called Iquique. With production capabilities are all in-house, Kiboro requires 75% of their product to be environmentally friendly. They are able to produce products when they want and are not limited to seasonal schedules or manufacturing timelines.


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