Hazel Village White Dress Doll Outfit

by: Hazel Village


  • The Hazel Village friends like to dress up for special occasions. May Day, for instance, or a special tea party. So this white dress outfit is perfect for them. It has three different ribbon sashes, so the animals can change their look. The white dress is made of cotton with little white embroidered flowers. Pink tights complete the look. Packaged in a little box.

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  • Hazel Village

    Jane Van Cleef is the Etsy rockstar the world has to thank for bringing her handmade Hazel Village family into our lives. She began Hazel Village from her Brooklyn apartment and since then has sent animals to over 200 stores, including Barney's, J.Crew, and ABC Home. Here at Noble Carriage we look up to Jane and her dedication to produce the animals responsibly, striving for heirloom quality, organic and handmade at a reasonable price. 

    Hazel Village dolls and toys can stay with children as they grow up - first as soft, snuggly friends, each with a name and story to tell and then as companions for story-telling and dress-up play. We always look forward to her latest additions to our organic family.

Hazel Village

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