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Dani Kenney Peace Powder

by: Dani Kenney


  • A talc-free and toxin-free baby powder made just with arrowroot and ground lovely, soothing flowers. It naturally smells delightful. Safe for use on baby's bottom after 3 months of age. 

    CAUTION: Do not use baby products until baby is 3 months of age. Always ask a doctor before giving your baby any new products.

    • Arrowroot powder (maranta arundinacea)*
    • Ground chamomile flowers (matricaria chamomilla)*
    • Ground lavender flowers (lavandula spp)*
    • Ground calendula flowers (calendula officinalis)*
    • Plantain leaf (plantago major)*
    • *certified organic
  • Shake contents of canister onto baby’s bum and gently smooth out.

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  • Dani Kenney

    Dani Kenney is a California-native, mama and the founder of DANI KENNEY Co., a website and product line dedicated to pregnancy, motherhood and beyond. The brand emphasizes a natural, minimalist and sustainable lifestyle-- from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. With a background as a classically-trained chef and holistic nutritionist, Dani has paired her therapeutic culinary wisdom with her passion for natural skincare to bring mothers handmade products that are organic and functional.

  • Dani Kenney bodycare contains all organic and natural ingredients. Their quality ingredients are sourced from conscious small companies around the United States with a studio located in Naples, Florida. They make their products by hand, and in small batches to maintain freshness. Their packaging is either dark amber glass, clear glass and BPA-free food grade plastic.

Dani Kenney

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