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Dani Kenney Bath Essentials Bundle

by: Dani Kenney


  • Save on Dani Kenney bath products with the "la maman et le bébé" bath bundle that contains our 3 go-to essentials for keeping both mom and baby calm, clean and satisfied during bath time and beyond. 

    1. Dani Kenney Soft Suds

    2. Dani Kenney Bum Balm

    3. Dani Kenney Peace Powder

    The Soft Suds soap contains just simple cleansers made from olive oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil and contains essential oils that soothe and calm, before bedtime- chamomile and lavender. The Bum Balm is favorite because it is a cure-all... without officially saying it cures anything. It has shea butter to moisturize, aloe to soothe, and tiny, safe amounts of soothing essential oils to calm irritated skin. It also has castor oil and calendula, which are amazing topical remedies. So it's excellent for rashes. Mommies can use it too, for a quick on-the-go, anti-inflammatory moisturizer, and also to put on burns or wounds. Definitely, a must have for the diaper bag.  The Peace Powder is formulated with natural arrowroot to dry up mess and moisture and contains some of nature's most skin-soothing flowers, ground up finely amidst the powder. So it soothes and smells amazing! And is talc-free, of course! 

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