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Camper General Veg Tan Baby Moccs

by: Camper General



  • What's that sound? It's the pitter patter of baby feet in the cutest vegetable tanned baby moccs. These baby moccs start light in color. They will naturally tan with the warm glow of the sun. Each will have a life of its own as they change, continuously, for the better. They are the perfect heirloom unisex gift! Made in small batches in LA. Handmade.

    • Vegetable Tanned Leather - color varies due to natural dye.
    • Sourced one hide at a time from Mexico.
    • Made In LA
    • Runs true to size
    0-6M  2.5 - 3.5
    6-12M 4 - 4.5
    12-18M 5 - 5.5
    18-24M 5.5 - 6

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