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Askr + Embla Organic Sleepod

by: Askr + Embla

Vintage Pink
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  • Sleepod is a multi-use co-sleeper and baby lounger developed together with midwives and doulas—made. Perfect for napping, supervised tummy time and lounging around the house. Sleepod has an organic hemp cover, a hypoallergenic polyester-fill insert and a mattress made of 100% wool.

    • 100% GOTS certified organic hemp exterior
    • Hypoallergenic polyester-fill insert
    • Mattress made of 100% wool
    • Free from flame retardants, PBA and harmful phthalates.
    • The cord works to adjust the size and lets Sleepod grow with your baby from newborn and up to 5-7 months.
    • Dimensions:  29"L x 16.5"W x 4"H
    • Remove the pillow insert and mattress. Close zipper and throw in washer. The pillow is machine washable too—just tumble dry and fluff back to shape before putting it back in the cover. Mattress is spot clean only, just dab with cold water and air dry. Wool fibers are coated with a natural layer of wool fat, lanolin. Lanolin wicks off dirt and moisture and helps keeping the wool clean and fresh.

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